KAA (Forms/Deadlines/Dates)

Hello all! KAA forms are OUT! For those of you who didn’t pick up a form at the meeting, here’s where Membership will be throughout the end of this week (more or less, please bear with us):

UU (second floor, across from MCC)

Thursday, Oct. 11: 10a-12p, 2-6p

Friday, Oct. 12: 11a-1p, 2-4p

Library (first floor 24hr room with booths)

Thursday, Oct. 11: 11a-2p, 3-6p

Friday, Oct. 12: 11a-4p

PDF version of form coming to website soon, but please try to get a copy from us!

Forms are due on October 17th at the meeting (8p at Philips Hall). Membership fees must be paid in order to participate in KAA (breakdown below). Please message ALL of membership if you will not be able to turn in your KAA form at the meeting.

Also, if you are an ading, please upload a picture of yourself to our KAA Google Drive in your respective folder so we can have a face to the name! We meet a lot of people so a reminder is nice for us :)

KAA Video. Adings, study up!


Year: $25

Year+Shirt: $30

Quarter: $15

Quarter+Shirt: $20

Payable on Venmo to @PCE-SLO. Include what you’re paying for (ie. year/quarter) and if you are purchasing a shirt be sure to include your shirt size!

More important dates:

Friendship Games: October 20, fees and forms due on the 13th!

KAA Letter Exchange: October 31

Clue Night: November 2

Revealing: November 9