ES 335 PCN Class Form

This year, Dr.Yeh is offering a special section of ES 335 “The Filipino/a Experience'“ specifically for PCN. The class will focus on the historical, cultural, and contemporary contexts of the script as well as PCN in general. We may also use some of the time for rehearsal/workshop. The class is only available to PCN participants (including tech, marketing, and performing groups). The class is "unpublished" meaning it will not appear on PASS and can only be added through a permission number. The class is tentatively scheduled for TR 4-6. Only fill out this form if you are 100% sure you want to/are able to take the class next quarter.

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  • IF YOU HAVE A TIME CONFLICT, go ahead and fill out the form and answer the question regarding another section time.

  • IF YOU DON’T HAVE THE PREQS DONE, go ahead and fill out the form. We will work out a solution.

Below is the description of the class from the CP 2017/19 catalog:

ES 335. The Filipina/o American Experience.4 units

GE Area D5; USCP

Term Typically Offered: W

Prerequisite: Junior standing; completion of GE Area A with a grade of C- or better; and one lower division course in Area D. Recommended: ES 112 (D1) or any ES D3 course.

An interdisciplinary examination of the historical development of Filipina/o American identities and communities. The social, cultural and political institutions that have influenced Filipina/o immigration, participatory citizenship, activism and cultural practices. 4 lectures. Fulfills GE D5 except for Comparative Ethnic Studies majors. Fulfills USCP.