KAA Form Deadline

Hi everyone! KAA forms are due this Wednesday, October 17 at the meeting (8p at Philips Hall). We prefer for forms to be turned in during the meeting, but if you can’t make it, please message ALL of membership so we can work something out with you. We will also be taking forms on campus this week: 

UU (second floor, across from MCC) 

Tuesday, Oct 16: 11a-12p, 2p-6p

Wednesday, Oct. 17: 2p-7p 

Library (first floor 24hr room with booths)

Tuesday, Oct 16: 11a-2p, 5p-6p

Wednesday, Oct. 17: 1p-4p

If you are an ading, please upload a clear picture of yourself labeled as “last name,firstname.jpg” to our KAA Google Drive. This is so we can match names to faces! Also, when filling out your forms, take your time and be as thorough as you can—remember, this is how we get to know you! Unless you hang out with us in the UU/Lib… we promise we’re cool :)

If you still need a form, you can print them here: