Friendship Games Prop Making Schedule + Reminders

Hi Everyone!

Just a few updates and reminders now that FGames is only 4 days away!

  • The meeting this Wednesday (10/17) is MANDATORY for anyone going to FGames

    • The Packing List will be provided at said meeting.

  • Drivers List will be dropped either tonight, or during Wednesday’s meeting

  • Get those Liability forms in ASAP

    • Listed below

  • We need your help making props

    • Prop schedule below

  • Get HYPED!!!

-Bennison Flores

PS “you got this b” - Ingrid Chan

Prop Making Schedule

  • Tuesday (10/16)

    • Aliso Knowledge Center

    • 6:15 pm - 8:45 pm

      • We are aware that some people have Modern starting at 8, so you are excused

  • Wednesday (10/17)

    • After General Meeting (around 9:30 pm)

    • PAC Loading Dock

      • We are aware that some people are in Modern, so please make props with us while we cheer them on

  • Thursday (10/18)

    • 12 pm - 7:30 pm

    • Bennison’s house (will give address out during meeting on Wednesday)

    • Think of this as office hours, but for props! Drop in when you can

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