Thanksgiving Banquet!

Hello Friends!

Next Saturday, November 10, 2018 at the Morro Bay Community Center from 7-10pm, PCE will be hosting our annual Thanksgiving Banquet. This gathering is a fun way to celebrate with your new families and adings! Come enjoy some yummy home-cooked food and lovely performances from all three performing groups and YOU!

If you would like to perform at Tbanq please fill out this interest form by next Thursday Nov. 9. Send all audio files to Performances will be limited to 4 mins and can be anything you want (singing, spoken word, impressions!).

This event is potluck style, so coordinate with your families (if you guess correctly) what you will cook. Once you have decided on a dish please enter it on the food spreadsheet. This year we will be allow a few types of pastas dishes! So think of your dish and sign up! A maximum of 4 people can cook and bring in one dish. Each dish must be able to feed at least 4-5 people.

These are the prices for TBanq! You can pay in cash at the door or venmo PCE-SLO.

Member w/ dish : FREE!!!!!! (plz bring a dish)

Non-member w/ dish : $7

Member no dish : $5

Non-member no dish : $10

Address: 1001 Kennedy Way, Morro Bay, CA 93442


  • When: Saturday (11/10) from 7-10 pm

  • Where: 1001 Kennedy Way, Morro Bay, CA 93442

  • Who:  All of you!


Member w/ dish : FREE!!!!!! (COOK PLZ)

Non-member w/ dish : $7

Member no dish : $5

Non-member no dish : $10

Fill out the forms




PS It’s a clue

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