More Friendship Games Information

Hi Everyone!

Some quick things to keep in mind as Friendship Games approaches (8 days left!):

  • Please pay your F-Games fees by Saturday (10/13)

    • Pricing listed below

  • This coming Wednesday’s (10/17) meeting is mandatory for anyone participating in Friendship Games.

  • Liability and Release forms will be collected throughout the coming week, please turn them in to either Kristina or me

    • Files attached below

  • We will be announcing a prop making schedule soon, we really need your help to pull this off

  • Come to practice this Saturday (10/13) after Culture Fest to learn more about the games and SPUF

  • Fill out the provided Driver/Rider form below ASAP

    • It is different from the F-Games interest list

Thank you for all the support, can’t wait till next Saturday!

- Bennison Flores

PS Good luck on your midterm Co!


Member & Hotel $45

  • Member & No Hotel $ 30

  • Non-member & Hotel $55

  • Non-member & No hotel $35

    How to Pay:

    • Venmo : @PCE-SLO

    • Include information in payment:

      • First Name + Last Name

      • Member or Non-Member

      • Shirt Size

      • Hotel or No Hotel

    • Please contact Social Events (Kristina Pimentel & Bennison Flores) for any questions or concerns you may have and our Treasurer (Celestine Co) if you need help paying for the fees, we really want you all to come and experience the joy of F-Games!

Driver/Rider Form

F-Games is next Saturday, so get ready! Attached is the Google form that you must fill out in order to get a ride. Further information will be released throughout the week. Get HYPED!

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