Performing Groups

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Ating Himig

In tagalog Ating Himig means “our melody”, but to us it means so much more. Through our collective voices we’ve learned how to empower one another, truly defining what it means to be a family. We found ourselves to be fun, silly, and authentic; but we’ve also found ourselves to be passionate, determined and hardworking. To us, Ating Himig represents what we believe PCE is all about; finding your home away from home.

Practices: Sunday 12 - 2 PM, Thursday 7 - 9 PM




Kasayahan, which means "celebration" in Tagalog, displays PCE's celebration of the Filipino culture through dance. Participating in Kasayahan not only entertains, but teaches both the audience and the performer more about Filipino heritage as each dance has cultural significance. No dance experience is necessary and members learn from other members. Take part in this uplifting experience and gain knowledge and love of the enriching culture!


Practices: Monday 8 - 10 PM, Saturday 1-3 PM



PCE Modern is a non-audition dance team that covers different genres such as Hip-Hop and Contemporary. We welcome people of all skill levels from beginners to experienced dancers, so we invite everyone to come try it out! It's the perfect way to take stress away from school and learn to express yourself through movement. No experience? Just come out and try it! You'll be surprised at how good you are and how much better you'll be.


Practices: Thursday 9 - 11 PM, Saturday 5-7 PM