Our mission is to be a home away from home not only for Filipinos but anyone.

About Us

The Pilipino Cultural Exchange (PCE) of California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo prides itself on providing a home to anyone who seeks it. The diversity and full spectrum of personalities in this organization makes it easy to feel at home. For over thirty years now, this group of students has presented the Pilipino culture to Cal Poly and its surrounding communities. 

Many lifelong friendships have formed as members with common interests have come together to get to know one another. With so many opportunities and events presented by PCE, it is easy to see why members can call it their very own “home away from home.”

PCE is also an outlet for talented individuals to showcase their various abilities. The Pilipino Cultural Exchange has three non-audition performance groups. Our Modern dance troupe is known for its hip hop and pop influenced style and dance moves. Our choir, Ating Himig offers individuals the opportunity to show off their singing abilities. Our cultural dance troupe, Kasayahan, allows members to take part in learning the cultural dances of the Philippines. No previous experience necessary, we welcome anyone interested and willing to learn, practice, meet new people & most of all, have fun!


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Can’t wait to meet all of you!