What does Kasayahan mean?

Kasayahan, which means "celebration" in Tagalog, displays PCE's celebration of the Filipino culture through traditional dance. Participating in Kasayahan not only entertains, but teaches both the audience and the performer more about Filipino heritage as each dance has cultural significance. No dance experience is necessary and members learn from other members. Take part in this uplifting experience and gain knowledge and love of the enriching culture!


When are practices?



PAC Parking Structure


Aliso Parking Structure



Fr: bAnAna

What’s good adings and returning members!! We are suuuper excited to be your Kasayahan coordinators for this upcoming year! We’d just like to remind everyone that we welcome dancers of ALL skill levels and backgrounds. Kasayahan has been one big family for the two of us and we’d love to make that happen for all of you. Can’t wait to see y’all at practice Mondays and Saturdays :^)

Paseo de Narciso, Maria Clara Suite (PCN 29)

Palok, Mountain Suite (PCN 29)

Pandanggo sa Ilaw, Barrio Suite (PCN 29)

Kappa Malong Malong, Muslin Suite (PCN 29)

Tinikling, Barrio Suite (PCN 29)

Maria Clara Suite (PCN 28)

Sayaw sa Bangko, Barrio Suite (PCN 28)

Tinikling, Barrio Suite (PCN 28)

Mangalay, Moro Suite (PCN 28)

Vinta, Moro Suite (PCN 28)

T’boli & Makatod, Mountain Suite (PCN 28)

Mountain Suite (PCN 27)

Maria Clara Suite (PCN 27)

Singkil, Muslim Suite (PCN 27)

Tinikling, Barrio Suite (PCN 27)