What is Culture?


“Culture is composed of the customs, languages, beliefs, knowledge, and collective identities created by members of all social groups that comprise the social environment.” - American Sociological Association

As Culture, we seek to explore what culture means to each of our members individually and as a community as a whole. We seek to further understand cultural meaning by exploring individual and group communication and expressing narratives. In doing so, we also seek to empower our members to explore their own identities while learning more about the expansive history and culture of the Philippines. 





Culture Talks

Culture Talks are discussions held every quarter to provide a safe space for everyone to share their experiences and learn about different topics revolving around culture. This event is a perfect opportunity for anyone who wants to make friends, eat good food, and have their voice be heard!

Join us on our first culture talk on November 2nd! Watch out for our future announcements to find out about the location and theme!


Movie Screenings

Need a break from all the studying? Love movies and food? Want to learn more about different cultures? Movie Screenings are quarterly events wherein members can watch and discuss films that feature different countries and cultures!

Join us on our first movie screening on October 26th! Watch out for our future announcements to find out about the location and the movie!


Cultureach Retreat

Join Culture and Outreach for our second annual Cultureach Retreat! The theme this year is TBA 👀

This will be an opportunity to bond with other general members of PCE with no outside distractions. This will be camping trip and we will be sleeping in tents and being in the great outdoors!


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Fr: Culture

Hi everyone! We are all so excited to be your Culture coordinators and we can’t wait to show all of you what we have in store for this year!

And remember if you have any questions, just (A)lex, (S)haine, (K)ae!