“Kuya” — means ”older brother” in Tagalog
“Ate” — means “older sister” in Tagalog
“Ading” — means “younger sibling” in Ilocano 

What is KAA?

KAA (KuyAte/Ading) is PCE’s mentorship program where new members or “adings” are paired with an older member or “kuyate” and placed in a family through a careful pairing process. For most people, coming to college and making new friends or finding guidance can be a major struggle. This program is intended for members to meet new people and build a strong community where they can truly find their “Home Away From Home.”

In Pilipino culture, the title of “kuya” or “ate” are used to refer to older relatives or friends as a sign of respect for that individual. This also carries over to our program as we want to build a community where everyone can feel a sense of belonging and inclusion.

Throughout the school year, members will have the opportunity to participate in events purposed to bring them closer to their families and other members in PCE.

As one of the most diverse club on campus, our KAA program welcomes ANYONE to apply. With every year, the KAA program continues to grow, bringing in people from all walks of life. Whether you’re Filipino or not or hold other commitments to other groups and clubs on campus, we encourage anyone interested to apply or reach out to our Membership Coordinators to learn even more about this program.

What if I can’t make it to the meetings?

No worries!!! If you can’t make it to the weekly meetings, you can refer to the link below and our Membership Coordinators (Brian, Francesca, and Jackie) will be sure to send you all the information that you need in order to participate in the KAA program! :))


Fr: BouJeeFam

Trust the Process
— <3 Boujeefam