What is KAA?

KAA stands for Kuya/Ate/Ading and is our big/little program. In Tagalog, kuya (koo-ya) means big brother, ate (ah-teh) means big sister, and ading (ah-ding) is little sibling. Kuyate is what we use as “older sibling”.

How do I join?

Fill out a KAA Form (either pick one up from Membership, or print your own) and turn it into Membership at the October 17th meeting (Philips Hall, 8p). You must pay your membership fees to participate in KAA (fees listed on home page). Make sure to also upload a headshot of yourself on the KAA Google Drive, labeled “lastname,firstname.jpg”. Kuyates will be asked to do so after all forms have been turned in.

I can’t make it to meetings on Wednesdays, can I still join?

Yes! Please contact all of Membership (Michaela Mead, Caroline Padilla, Ryan Pham) in a Facebook group chat so we can accommodate to your situation. We want you to be able to join!

How does the KAA process work?

Throughout the first couple weeks of the quarter, we observe every member. After receiving all KAA forms we will start making pairs based off of interests/similarities/needs/etc. Everyone will get a pair.

Once pairings are done, pairs will have a letter exchange and gift exchange. Throughout the process, the kuyate will give tasks to their ading(s) in exchange for clues. At Revealing, the ading will have 3 guesses to guess their kuyate.

PRO TIP: Trust the process!